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Madrid Live - 03/07/2017

30 minutos

Madrid Live

In this edition of Madrid Live, film directors Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin talk about their comedy film “What We Did On Our Holiday” which is now available on DVD.  The film stars David Tennant who plays Doug and Rosamund Pike who plays Abi. Now Doug and Abi are going through a divorce. But they put on a united front to take their children to Scotland for a surprise birthday party for Doug’s father Gordie played by Billy Connolly. And it soon becomes clear that the children are a liability when it comes to keeping the party a secret, and their parents divorce for that matter...  

Guy and Andy tell us how they applied the formula for their TV comedy show “Outnumbered” starring Hugh Dennis to this film “What We Did On Our Holiday”.  In  “Outnumbered”, which is about the chaos of life with children, Guy and Andy encourage the child actors to improvise and that is outstanding in this film.  

Music features big in today’s show too with tracks from the award-winning British film Pride.  Pride is based on the true story of a group of gay and lesbian activists who helped raise money for families who were affected by the miners’ strike in the UK in 1984.